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Educational Magnets

Educational magnets (also called Magnets for teaching) are consist of permanent magnets painted with colors showing the poles, while educational magnets set are consist of a different single painted permanent magnets and other physical additions.

Educational magnets can develop cognitive, mathematical, analytical, and problem-solving skills, school and science projects are brought to normal life, they teach what are magnets and magnetic poles, how the magnetic fields work, how to use the physical force of the earth.

Educational fridge magnets by RiSheng are especially designed for children. They are used to teach toddlers and kindergarten kids about magnets in physics. Very common tool for homeschooling and primary school classroom teaching, RiSheng educationa bar magnets contribute greatly to students' learning about the science of magnets.     

Types of Educational Magnets

Ferrite Educational Magnets

Ferrite Educational Magnets

AINiCo Educational Magnets

AINiCo Educational Magnets

Educational Magnets Set

Educational Magnets Set

Manufacturing method of Educational Magnets

The magnets for educational purpose is generally made of AlNiCo magnets or Ferrite magnets and produced in the shapes of block, ring and U, they are painted with colors to show N pole and S pole, various sizes are available for different children ages.

While a few single educational magnets are added with a few other physical products like compass, iron powder, ferrofluid to form a set of educational magnets, the customized logo can be printed.

Applications of Educational Magnets

Educational magnets are very useful no matter at home or at school, they will bring a lot of benefits: better focus and patience, better spatial awareness, enhancement of problem-solving skills, shape and color recognition, better preparation for kindergarten and school tasks, the shift of creativity and imagination, development of math and science skills.

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