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Rare Earth Permanent Magnet Material

1. What is the rare earth permanent magnet?

Rare earth permanent magnetic material is a kind of magnetic material made by the alloy in the composition of Sm-Nd Mischmetal and transition metal (such as CO, Fe, etc.) after molding and sintering by the PM method, and then magnetized by magnetic field.With the development of computer, communication and other industries, rare earth permanent magnet industry, especially Nd-FeB permanent magnet industry has developed rapidly.

2. What are the advantages of the rare earth permanent magnet?

Rare earth permanent magnets material is a kind of permanent magnetic material with the known highest comprehensive performance, which is more than 100 times higher than the magnetic steel used in the nineties, much better than ferrite and AlNiCo, and twice higher than the expensive Pt-Co alloy. Due to the use of rare earth permanent magnetic materials, it not only promotes the development of permanent magnetic devices towards miniaturization, improves the performance of products, but also contributes to the emergence of some special devices. Therefore, the emergence of rare earth permanent magnetic materials immediately attracted great attention of the whole country, making its development extremely rapid. The properties of various rare earth permanent magnetic materials developed and produced in China have approached or reached the international advanced level.

3. What are applications areas of the rare earth permanent magnet material?

At present, rare earth magnets materials have become important materials in electronic technology and communication. They are used in traveling wave tubes and circulators of artificial satellites and radars, and micro motors, micro recorders, aviation instruments, electronic watches, seismographs and some other electronic instruments. At present, the application of rare earth permanent magnet has penetrated into automobile, household appliances, electronic instruments, nuclear magnetic resonance imaging, audio equipment, micro and special motors, mobile phones and so on. In medical treatment, the use of rare earth permanent magnetic materials for "magnetic acupoint therapy" greatly improves the curative effect, thus promoting the popularization of "magnetic acupoint therapy". 

In the various fields where rare earth is applied , rare earth permanent magnet material is the fastest developing one. It not only brings great impetus to the development of rare earth industry, but also has a profound impact on many related industries.

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