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The Difference Between Samarium Cobalt Magnet and Neodymium Iron Boron Magnet

Samarium cobalt magnet is a kind of rare earth magnet. It is made of samarium, cobalt and other rare earth metal materials by blending, melting into alloy, crushing, molding and sintering. It is a magnetic tool material with high magnetic energy product and extremely low-temperature coefficient, and the highest working temperature can reach 350℃, no negative temperature limitation.

Ⅰ. The magnetic difference between samarium cobalt magnet and neodymium pot magnets

Magnetism is a major factor in choosing a magnet. Samarium cobalt magnets compared to Neodymium pot magnets; neodymium pot magnet is more magnetic.

Ⅱ. Samarium cobalt magnets and neodymium pot magnets temperature difference

Neodymium pot magnets can withstand up to 220 degrees, samarium cobalt magnets up to 350 degrees. Samarium cobalt magnets temperature resistance is much higher than the neodymium pot magnets. Click to learn more about samarium cobalt magnets for sale.

Ⅲ. Samarium cobalt magnets or Neodymium pot magnets stability, which is better?

The temperature coefficient of residual magnetism of Neodymium pot magnets is relatively large. The higher the temperature rises, the lower the residual magnetism is; The remanence temperature coefficient of samarium cobalt magnets is very low. The demagnetization of samarium cobalt magnets is much less than that of neodymium pot magnets at the same temperature.

In addition, neodymium pot magnets must be electroplated, otherwise they are easy to be oxidized corrosion, weathering off.

IV. Samarium cobalt magnets and Neodymium pot magnets price difference

Neodymium iron boron rare earth elements neodymium and boron accounted for a small proportion, so the price is relatively cheap; samarium cobalt magnets rare earth elements samarium, cobalt is more, about 70% of samarium and cobalt, so the price is relatively expensive.

V. Rare earth samarium cobalt magnets with rare earth Neodymium pot magnets difference

1. The difference between processing characteristics

Both materials are very brittle. Relatively speaking, neodymium pot magnets are easier to mechanical processing.

2. Samarium cobalt magnets and Neodymium pot magnets maximum magnetic energy product difference

The maximum magnetic energy product of Neodymium pot magnets is 52M, while the maximum magnetic energy product of samarium cobalt magnets is 32M, which can also be seen that the magnetic force of Neodymium pot magnets is much more than that of samarium cobalt magnets.

3. Samarium cobalt magnets and Neodymium pot magnets (neodymium magnets) outer surface difference

Samarium cobalt magnets usually do not need surface treatment, but if the use of bad environment, electroplating after a longer service life, and more beautiful, Neodymium pot magnets easy oxidation need surface plating treatment.

Samarium cobalt magnets have strong corrosion resistance and oxidation resistance, so samarium cobalt magnets are widely used in aerospace, national defense, microwave devices, communications, medical equipment, instruments, meters, various magnetic transmission devices, sensors, magnetic processors, motors, magnetic cranes, etc.

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